Allied Control Equipment has serviced the industrial and mining sectors in South Africa for over 45 years and offer high quality products as a solution for all water and steam projects.

We supply and service South Africa, Nambia and Zambia.  Our product range offers the highest in quality and performance within international standards. We service both commercial and industrial business, hotels, residential estates, hospitals and mines.

Allied Control Equipment give assistance with the design of industrial steam and hot water systems for South Africa and Africa and have a phenomenal portfolio of projects completed.

Allied Control Equipment offer clients a comprehensive steam and water plant survey to assist customers in achieving substantial fuel/electricity savings.

Surveys are completed by experienced and qualified experts and provide a a quality recommendation on how quality and saving of energy can be achieved.

Allied Control Equipment are industry experts and stock a wide range of high quality products sourced globally to give our customers excellent value.

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We supply a full range of Bronze Valves, Cast Iron and Steel valves, Stainless Steel Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety and Relief Valves, Temperature Control Valves, Motorized Valves, Boilers, Steam and Water Mixers, Strainers, Gauges and Thermometers, Steam Traps, Pipes and Fittings, Expansion Compensators, Electric and Steam Calorifiers, Circulating Pumps, Heat Pumps, Thermostats, Steam Humidifiers, Rotary Joints, Flow Switches, Flow Indicators, Pressure Switches, Temperature Controllers without auxillary energy, Vessel and Tank design, manufacture and installation, System Inspections, Upgrades, Energy Saving modifications, Safety inspections.

We also service and stock a full product range of Water pressure reducing valves, heat pump installation, commercial solar heating system, commercial booster pumps, boiler pump, 20000l tanks, calorifiers, electric control panel, annunciator control panels, water control valve, high pressure valve, stainless steel water valve, thermostatic steam trap, inverted bucket steam trap, ball float steam trap, float type steam trap, float trap, high pressure water regulator valve, stainless steel pressure relief valve water, flow check valve, pneumatic water valve, commercial heat pump water heater, commercial heat pump system, boiler pump, steam heating system, commercial ground source heat pump, commercial boiler systems, heat pump heat exchanger, commercial hot water pumps, commercial hot water boiler, commercial water booster pump system, boiler pump, commercial water pressure booster system, commercial water pump, potable water booster pump, annunciator panel, alarm annunciator panel, panel alarm annunciator, annunciator panel manufacturers, annunciator switch, water pumping station, boiler pump, pump station design, water expansion tank, boiler expansion vessel, bladder tank, water bladder tank, three way ball valve, 3 way diverter valve, three way water valve, 3 way pneumatic valve, 3 way mixing valve, 3 way valves ball valves,7 bar pressure relief valve, hot water relief valve, 3 way solenoid valve, industrial water valve, boiler steam valve, temperature and pressure relief valve, water pressure safety valve, steam pressure reducing valve suppliers, steam boiler controls, heat exchanger boiler, hot water heat exchanger, steam heating system, industrial temperature controller, temperature controller with sensor, water flow sensor, water flow meter, industrial steam water mixing valves, industrial mixing valve, flowvalve, steam pipe expansion joints, steam expansion joint, stainless steel bellows expansion joint, rubber expansion bellows, rubber expansion joints for pipe, flexible expansion joint, metal bellows expansion joints, boiler controller, steam boiler controls, thermostat for boiler heating system, boiler water level control, boiler water level control system, steam boiler water level control, steam boiler water level, stainless ball valve, 2 inch stainless steel ball valve, 3 inch stainless steel ball valve, 316 stainless steel ball valve, ball check valve stainless steel, high pressure ball valves stainless steel, y type strainer, y strainer valve, foot valve strainer, basket strainer, steam strainer, brass y strainer, industrial strainer, t strainer, cast iron strainer, stainless steel y strainer, air check valve, pneumatic water separator, air compressor water separator, air water separator, water solenoid, electric water valve, 3 way solenoid valve, vacuum solenoid valve, commercial heat pump water heater, commercial heat pump system, boiler pump, heat pump boiler, steam heating system, pump commercial, heat pump heat exchanger, temperature and pressure relief valve, hot water heater pressure valve, hot water system pressure relief valve

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